Too Many Benefits?

Too Many Benefits?

As a business is there such thing as too many benefits for your employees? Coming from a benefits company of course we would say no there isn’t. From an employee perspective, the answer would lean more towards yes there is to many benefits.


The reason why employees think that there are too many benefits is that they are confusing. The average employee doesn’t know when to use an accident plan vs a short-term disability. Or why they would want to pay for group life insurance when they could get it on their own.

Lack of teaching employees the benefits is not the businesses fault. The human resources as amazing as they maybe they aren’t licensed in almost all the situations for benefits. It should be the company offering the benefits that takes the time to explain what they are, how they work, and what to do if they have a question. Adding benefits should not be another nightmare for the owner it should be an opportunity to attract higher skilled employees and retain the best employees.

For benefit companies, we want to provide the most to reach to every employee so that they don’t feel left out. Therefore, there is never too many benefits. Benefit companies love to provide the basics, but are itching for opportunities to connect the local community to the business. Discount programs is one that is rarely utilized but can be very helpful to the employees. Partnering with other businesses to provide your employees to reduce their bills, improve themselves, or treat to something special is meaning full and should not be overlooked.


As you run your business it is important to focus on building, sales, and margins. But in the long run your employees are your best customers. Take care of them and they will be showing everyone they know the business you are trying to grow. There can be too many benefits, and there can be not enough benefits for your company it is a matter of choosing what is best for you and being able to choose a company that is willing to walk you through that process. Look around and you will find one.

As a side note there are benefit companies that specialize in specific parts of the benefits package. So, don’t be closed to them, because they may be the best connection to all your other resources.


If you have noticed that your employer has either too many or too few benefits for your taste the simplest way is to bring it up to them.  They may be juggling many things and are not thinking about it at that time.  Maybe take some ideas with you on how you could or would change them.

Having worked for a number of employers they all take the opportunity to listen, and have even gone further when I have brought ideas and wanted to be the one to do the work for it.  Try it out and see what you think.  The worst that would happen is that they say they don’t have time now to think about it.  Even in that case when the time does come you will be the first person to be though of.

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