Independent And Dependent Agents

Have you ever thought why you have always been able to be quoted prices on multiple companies?  Why some people you talk to can’t sell more than one company?  Well I am here to teach you that there are 2 types of sales agents out there.  Not including whether they are ethical or if they know what they are doing those can be weeded out and fixed.  What I am talking about is the independent and dependent agents.

Dependent Agent

The dependent agent is one who may be able to quote you many companies but would only be able to sell you one specific company.  This means that they are tied to a company.  This has both good and bad for these sales agents.  Those that are dependent on one company have better and more access to this one company.  They may have exclusive rights to sell certain products that are not available to those that aren’t.  That is why these sales agents may be more proficient in what they are trying to sell you.  Which is good to be knowledgeable when selling.

Another advantage for the sales agents that are dependent is that they are able to have additional bonuses. The company they represent want their product sold so they will go to additional lengths to keep those agents that sell only their product.  They will offer additional bonuses, trips and even more on each product sold.

One of the main setbacks of a dependent sales agent is that they can only sell the one product so if there may be a comparable product that a client would want the agent would not be able to sell that product.  This is where the independent agent fits into the picture.

Independent Agent

The independent sales agent has their hands in many companies and has tools to be able to quote from.  As with the dependent agent there are goods and bads for an independent agent

For the independent agent the greatest good and greatest bad come from the same source.  The ability to have access to many products.  The good is just that, but the bad comes from the lack of knowledge about each and every product.  What most sales agents in this case will do is learn from each provider what the best product is that they can offer as agents and will add that to their knowledge.

Another good of a independent sales agent is that they do have access to many different products.  They are normally able to customize the product to your needs.  The independent agent tends to have more of a needs based approach with their clients.

Each of these agents strive for the best for their clients.  With all outside factors being equal you should feel comfortable in either situation.  Let me know your thoughts on dependent and independent agents by commenting below.