Relationship Ties

Use these questions to think about your relationship ties. Has there ever been a birthday of someone special that you have forgotten?  Have you ever wanted to send out news in a personal way?  Do you send out season’s greetings or other holiday cards? How would you like to be the opposite end of these questions?

Take a second and think to yourself the answers to these questions. Learn from these questions.  There is always more that you would like to do in building and maintaining your relationship with friends and family.  Also there is a way that you can do this and be more involved.

 We want you to have the best chance at success and would love to show you just how you can manage your relationships ties. Through different ideas and your creative self you can.

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Besides learning about how to create habits around events in your life and the lives of others you also have an opportunity to get creative.  In other ways we need the conversations to get our creative side going and this is what we do.

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Relationship Ties




  • First Be Creative
  • Second Make It Personal
  • Third Create Reminders
  • Fourth Do It Time & Again