Practice Investing

Practice Investing


I have found that it makes life more fun and we learn more when we have the opportunity to practice.  Whether or not that is to try something that I have never done before or if that is to put into practice something that we have learned.  Many people like the thought of investing and practicing it.  I have found a fun little app that is free for you to use, and depending on how you do will pay you money.  I have found that the money you can make is very minimal. But it is simple enough to work and to play around with.

The app at this time only works with currency trading so it is an even easier way to practice investing and learn some techniques.  I play it every once and awhile just to see what I can do with it, and put into practice new investing strategies.

Because I believe in being open with you I am letting you know that there is money involved.  So as a disclosure because I invited you to the app I would be paid 10% of what you made.  If you were to do the same then you would have that opportunity get some money back as well.  So don’t be afraid to share.  Even though from what I have found the money involved is very minimal.  So just invite, and use the app for its true purpose, practice.

They may also change their terms and conditions. So I will try and update this every year to make sure my information is up to date.  Take some time to learn strategies involved with investing in currencies by checking our our blog.

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