Personal Programs

Personal Program


Transforming Your Personal Money Management Life

These personal programs are designed to get you started down a different path in life.  Hopefully a better path for you.  We know that this program will do just that if you do the minimum and will do even better if you stretch yourself. Focused mostly on money management you will see that once you have the right concepts and tools you can achieve much more than you ever thought.  Each program is about four weeks long and each is not obligation.  Because we would be sponsoring at this time if there were any additional costs then we would either take care of them or wave them.

This concept of personal programs is a baby to us.  Our thought is if we take someone by the hand and show them how grow with themselves and money management that they would be more likely to succeed. As these programs evolve and grow we will be changing what goes on with them.  Right now we have only the first program out and hopefully by the time our first group is finished we will have our other programs in order to be starting.  We are also working with the idea of incorporating this into businesses.

Because we are still in trial phase these programs are fully sponsored through the program time.  If you are interested in starting the program please fill out the survey below.  Then to find out a little more about the different programs then read below and check out the link.

Retirement Planning


Find The New YOU

We take you through simple money management success.  Whether you know a lot or little about money management in your life there will be value added to you.  The second focus is personal growth.  While we know we are not specialists we have had financial psychology which helps us to better guide you in this path to finding the new YOU.

Personal Program


Learn The New YOU

From finding your self to learning about concepts that are not common. We guide you to learn what is not common but is very relevant to keeping your wealth with you.  Yes, we do teach you about investment.  While we don’t make recommendations on specific investments we want you to know the basics of them.

Relationship Ties


Practice The New YOU

After we find and learn we get to practice what we have learned.  You have learned and been practicing along the way, but this program allows you the opportunity to take it a step further.  This is where we begin to make recommendations and work towards a more permanent solution to what we have found and learned.

Little Extra



Taking the time to complete the first three programs you are ready to grow.  By grow we mean learn advanced concepts and grow what you already have. This is a wonderful opportunity to expand your horizon or narrow your focus on what you want to leave for a legacy and have for your future.