My1DollarBusiness is unique in the way that we use this platform.  my1dollarbusinessWe use them for our personal programs in order to teach money management.  Their approach is that you start small and build into a membership.  They have created 4 tiers that start very small and grow much bigger as you grow. Each tier comes with it’s own benefit and as you can imagine each tier comes with a greater investment into the product.  Their whole idea is that if you start small and as you share with people you know and come in contact with then you will start to grow your team.  

We use this opportunity not to actively build teams but to use it as a tool for our personal development program. We use the first tier in with the first program. The second tier for advanced development program.  The other tiers are more for enjoyment once you get to those physes.

It is a very good opportunity to be able to use if you know how to use it right.  We got through and show you just how to use it.  The benefits of using this opportunity for your individual lives is incomparable.




“Start the domino effect now.  A tic-tac sized domino started can take down the empire state building 29 dominos of increasing size later.”