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We are building a culture close to how tribes work.  Feel at home with us, feel your ideas are valuable to us, and feel your contributions are needed to make work better.  Flei Business Group is ready to help in any way that we can and any way that you choose to be a participant.  Our way of doing business is different than other companies. And we are continuously changing to become better and more efficient.  We are always open to new opportunities and ideas.  This is why we have an open structure business.

Our open business structure is a way for those that are working towards something can get there one step at a time.  No need for long time consumption of college degrees or certificates.  Also we do believe strongly in education, personal development and specialization. So when you join there will be learning to be done,  work to do, and rewards to be had.

The openings right now are sales based or referral based.  With that in mind we will work with you and your schedule so that you can build yourself and income one step at a time. Are you entrepreneurial minded and want to see what options you have. Reach out to us, and Join our Tribe

We accept referrals as well that help us and enable you to create some income for yourself.  Try it out and see if our system works for you then you can work into part time or even full time opportunities.

Our Most Common Opportunities

Start Small. Start Large. But Be In Charge!


Referral Income For Services


Specialize In Specific Service


Part/Full time Infinite Banking Advisor


Build Your Own Business