Group Health Insurance For Small Business


When you’re applying for a job and they mention benefits the most common term that people think of is group health insurance.  If you are a business that is not offering this as a benefit to your employees then you want to consider it.  There are so many ways nowadays to implement this for your employees that it is confusing why you wouldn’t.  Employers can choose a group plan, the market place, or even set it up so employees can get their own.

Flei Business Group is ready to educate you on your options. Our goal is to make sure that you run your business as profitable as possible.  After learning about your options you can make the choice yourself.  

Group Benefits

Flexible for Your Needs

We understand that there are many different needs to consider for your health insurance coverage.  As you learn about group health insurance you will soon find out that there are many options to fit your business.

Contact us today for more details, to learn about your options as a business owner.


Group Benefits 1

Why would you implement health insurance as a benefit?

  • Lessen Financial Worries: Employees knowing that they have group health insurance  at work have less stress at work and feel more comfortable knowing that they would be protected at least in emergency situations.
  • Gain Tax Advantages: Employers are able to have access to tax deductions as well as tax credits based on the size of their business and which plan they choose to use. 
  • Attract More Qualified Employees: Many employees would choose a workplace that offers health insurance over one that does not. In our experience we have had many owners come to us simply because they were tired of loosing their employees.  They lose them to other companies that offered health insurance.