Group Discounts

Chairs Around Table For Group Discounts

“Just like a rope is much stronger than each individual twine we too can make our relationships stronger and accomplish more.”



Still Working & Looking for Partnerships

Most businesses would like something more than just the regular benefits for their employees, they want discounts.  We have that same idea, and are working to see if we can implement new opportunities for other businesses to add discounts to the benefits package.  Right now most businesses give group discounts and that is the extent of what happens. We want you to not only have discounts but actual benefits.  So as we work with our businesses to get the benefits set up you can enjoy the group discounts that are provided. 

This is a time that we would love for you to take and help give us ideas/suggestions on what types of benefits you would like to see as an employer or employee.  Get creative and throw it out there.  We can make adjustments as the ideas come.

SETTING UP GROUP DISCOUNTSGuy Looking At Group Discounts On Phone
  • Nutrition
  • Massage
  • Gym
  • Life Coaching