Extra Benefits

Ancillary Benefits

Ancillary Benefits

The first of extra benefits is ancillary benefits or supplemental insurance.  Most every case employer does not pay for this benefit.  Employers have no downside to offering this benefit.  They do have several advantages to offering this to their employees though.  Employees  have the opportunity to payroll deduct them so there is not additional accounting needed. As well because the employer is offering this the employees get group discounts. Check with us to see what we can do for your business.

Disability Insurance


This benefit can be provided by the employer or the employee.  Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.  Both long and short term disability can be offered.  Most employees are more likely to become disabled than die and so this type of benefit may be more important than group life insurance.

Eye and Dental Insurance

Vision & Dental

As you consider the types of benefits vision and dental can be very different.  The ways you can implement these benefits are simple and are like other insurances.  Each has advantages to bundling with other benefits but overall most people don’t use this insurance unless it is through an employer.


Building To The Right

Each of these have advantages to adding them to your portfolio of benefits.  These benefits has their own way of making a difference in employees lives.  Each comes with their own way of being paid for and implementation.  So give care as you start your benefits process.  Do you want to add all these extras individually, as a package or even allow employees to shop their own plans.  

“Benefits allows the employers to be creative, personal, and exact in showing their employees just how much they truly care about them, the business, and the customers.”

  • First and foremost, ask questions
  • Secondly, put yourself in your employees shoes
  • Thirdly, analyze what best options to implement
  • Fourth, create and move forward with benefits.