Business Planning

Our business thrives on the success of your business. If your business is just getting started or growing by leaps and bounds we customize to fit your needs.  With several core benefits and services we guarantee increased longevity of your happy employees and attract better qualified employees.

Health IEye and Dental Insurancensurance

For small business owner there are many options when it comes to health insurance as a benefit for their employees.  The only option you don’t want is to not have any at all. When the requires you to provide this benefit there are always challenges in getting the best plans.


Merchant ServicesMerchant Services

This service would be more a benefit to the business than for the employees.  Why, you might ask, would a benefits company be involved with merchant services.  Well there are reasons that might surprise you.


Relationship Marketing

There are many ways to appreciate employees through benefits.  But there are many of other ways to make what you do as a business personal. Not only to the employees but to your clients and customers.


Life InsurLittle Extraance

Some individuals choose to have insurance on their cell phone before they get insurance  on themselves or family.  We can change this mindset with either group or individual life insurance based on the needs of your business.


DisabilityAncillary Benefits, Accidental & Other Insurances

This seems to be the scariest of the insurance benefits for businesses owners.  This should not be the case.  Employees have a greater chance at disability or having an accident than dieing.  Why not allow them to have the opportunity to get better without any stress.


Group DiscountsGroup Benefits

Because we work with businesses we have a natural network to work together to add even more benefits and services at a group rate. Why not take advantage of natural network to better everyone.


Retiremenmy1dollarbusinesst Planning

The landscape of retirement is changing whether some would like to admit it or not.  There are many ways in which your business might provide retirement solutions. You just have to be made aware of them and educated on those avenues.