3 Different Ideas to Goals

Many of you have heard of the SMART or SMARTER goals.  These are wonderful acronym phrases for you know what a goal should be.  I enjoy these acronyms and think that they are wonderful, but I will take just a few moments and explain 3 simple helps with goals. (If you want the longer version to this article then click here J the added portions will be in another color.)

First, the goal you set has to be something you really desire and I mean really desire.   When you set goals you tell others so that they can help you.  This helps you decide if the goal is something you really desire or not.

Deciding what you want to achieve can be really hard at times!  As you think about goals and what you want there are always people to help you and help you get started.  You just have to want it bad enough to share so you can have help and correction.  If you are not willing to have others correct or encourage you then what you want is not worth it to you.  Simply change to a different goal.

Second is this goal has to be woven into your life!  Written down, talked about, and worked on.  Goals that are set do no good when you don’t do something every day for it!

I have found that when it comes to weaving goals in my life it is best, have it written down and to have statements about the goal everywhere, affirmation statements if you will.  For example, if my goal is to exercise every day I will not only have that written down someplace where I can see but I will post post-it notes everywhere saying things like “Exercise makes me feel good about myself”  “Exercise makes me a healthier person” or “I love exercising.” These are simple statements but you see them enough and work towards them you will have a new desire to exercise.

Third part is there should always be room for adjustment.  Just because you set a goal and want it doesn’t mean that it is set in stone.  Make sure you can correct if the path is not the right one.  Fight for your goal but don’t be unreasonable!

I have set many goals that I have been told were unreasonable or out of reach.  I decided when making those goals that there was more to this goal than just reaching the end.  As I worked and worked and worked I found that I was not going to be able to reach some of these goals.  But as I thought about it I found that the goal made me reach higher than I ever would have had I not set them.  I am not saying go out and set goals that are all unachievable. When you want to have an adventure into someplace new or unfamiliar then set a goal and go for it.  This will be the only way you can get enough knowledge about it to set better goals the next time around.

Goals are amazing and they really do make people grow and build better relationships with others as we all work together to become better and reach new heights!  Good luck with the New Year and goals that you have set!

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